Don’t Just Survive, Thrive

A Teachers Guide to Fostering Resilience, Preventing Burnout and Nurturing your Love for Teaching

My work as an educator has simultaneously been some of the most rewarding and challenging work I have done. I began my career with the commitment to be in it for the long haul, to show up, and to make a difference no matter what. I spent long days and long nights worrying if my lesson plans were good enough, and if my students felt safe and connected enough to engage in learning. I questioned if I would get it all done and how much time was acceptable to take away from my own children and partner. I did not want to fall short or let down my students, their families, or my colleagues. Never did I anticipate that the longer I worked in education, the closer I would come to experiencing some of the more painful moments of my career, while also bringing me to a state of experiencing burnout and vicarious trauma. 

Throughout my career in education, I encountered many exceptional people doing the good, important, hard work of educating, but many of them were leaving the job they loved. During my final year of work at a school, I encountered several individuals who took a leave of absence due to the high levels of workplace stress and the impact it had on their personal health and well-being. Since then, I continue to hear from educators finding themselves desperate for change, and clinging to hold on, even when they feel close to reaching their breaking point or on the verge of experiencing burnout. 

How Do We Not Just Survive, but Thrive?

This is the question that kept me awake at night. This is the question I began to ask of my friends and colleagues. I wondered what it might look like to reimagine the way we support our educators doing the good, important, hard work. What would it look like to be proactive rather than reactive? How could we support educators so they feel as though they are thriving instead of simply surviving?  

My book, Don’t Just Survive, Thrive (released March 2, 2021), is meant for anyone that considers themself an educator. Written from both my personal and professional experience, the book addresses the multiple complexities educators must learn to navigate while moving through the trauma that impacts them along with their students, and how we all benefit from practices that promote resilience.  Within each section, you will find a collection of practices guiding you through mindfulness, connection, reflection, and creative art.  You can work toward building a trauma-informed, self-aware strategy that fosters resilience.

If you or your organization would like to dig deeper into the content of the book through coaching or professional development workshops, please feel free to contact me at or follow me on Instagram @rising.resilient

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