Yoga & Mindfulness

By practicing mindfulness with her on a weekly basis, it allowed me to sift through distractions and focus on my well being.  It was easy to be refreshed and clear headed after listening to the prompts from SaraJane and helped me navigate the abrupt disruptions at the beginning of COVID with a sense of groundedness.


SaraJane’s teaching was the most emotionally connected I have ever experienced, and she created such a safe, nurturing space to arrive as you are and feel whatever comes up. I felt more open and in touch with my heart and my truth afterwards, and my body was in alignment with that feeling too.

N. Brenner

I was feeling stuck from being inside during the initial months of the pandemic. SaraJane offered me a moment of mindfulness outside. It felt freeing and gave me the opportunity to more fully experience being outside and hear some of my favorite sounds. It was an amazing experience that I feel very grateful for.



Participating in Coaching for Educators gave me time to think and reflect calmly about what I am currently experiencing. It offered me time to consider some changes I needed to make to feel stronger and happier moving forward.


My coaching sessions with SaraJane leave me feeling energized and reminded of what I have control over. She makes sure I have solid next steps to tackle whatever I bring to our time together.


I have benefited from my one on one coaching with SaraJane. Having someone like her listen intently and be reflective back, has allowed me to feel more confident in taking the next right step to move forward.

A. Reed

Workshops & Professional Development

After attending this professional development I left feeling informed and hopeful that I am not the only one who feels this way, and there is something I can do about it besides giving up and quitting my job. 


I really appreciated how the antiracism sessions have helped me feel connected in mind and body to the anti-racism work we are trying to do. She guides in a way that allows us to dig deep without fear.


I attend SaraJane’s workshop at the Trauma Sensitive Schools conference. Her presentation was engaging and helped improve my understanding of the impact trauma has and the need to build resilience.


Let’s build something together.

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